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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

today's productivity killer

Today the corridors in the office became littered with 'artwork.'

Our company is to this day considered synonymous with a man who has his name all over a good deal of our products. The man in question fancies himself an art collector. Today, several pieces from his collection were placed along the walls between the office doors. This unto itself wouldn't be bad except for the fact that I discovered this fact when outside my office door were 3 oversized photographs of a rotund man sweating with sunglasses tossing a young girl into the air.

Several of us on the team referred to it as, "Sexual Predator Tossing a Girl" and lucky me, I had three of them. Now, one co-worker admitted that he really liked the pictures. Granted, he also said he wanted the photos of the "Barbie Dolls" in front of his office.

The rest of us stood there discussing how the 3 photos made us feel very uncomfortable. One of the managers went to fetch the head of facilities for her opinion. Later, the art people came by with ... more art ... I was pleasant, yet firm.

I explained that the artwork (gesturing and not referring to it as how I entitled it) made me feel uneasy. They were appreciative to my, "Junior Art-Critic" opinion. They were at least appreciative to the fact that I'd have to walk by "Sexual Predator Tossing a Girl" every day.

Five minutes later the pictures were gone.

They opted to put "Sexual Predator Tossing a Girl" at the end of the hall behind some cubes.

Me? I got Barbie Dolls :-P

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That's very.... odd.. I mean, art is art.. But that doesn't sound appropriate for an office environment.

some people have too much time (and money) on their hands

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