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Never try to teach a pig to sing...

I have no idea why I felt it necessary to throw in on an absolutely useless attempt at educating a member of the mass-brainwashed herd of ... ahem

The thread is in a debate over the atheistic family suing because their daughter is getting derision from her classmates about not wishing to attend a Christian Revival field trip at her public school.

The thread that sparked me which screams of, "I'm a moron"... prompted me to add a direct response.

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I didn't know you were a member of debate.

You actually beat me to the reply :)

I only post very rarely and that's to do what I did there. Hit with a massive amount of undebatable fact. I used to debate for fun in college. It's not one of my more redeeming qualities as a result ;)

Sorry to go off topic, but your icon kicks so much ass!

I read the list of threads after yours and all I have to say is this . . .
Thats 5min of my life I'm not getting back. I think the person that wrote that doesn't understand the difference between an enlightened debate and a knock down drag out argument.


In my day, we called people like him flamebait

Someone should just invoke Godwin and call him a nazi.


Did you investigate his journal? He just screams troll, and I'm surprised only one individual picked up on that. That aside, the article itself is interesting (I would have said astonishing, but this is America after all) and worthy of serious discussion. A tad off-topic, the unfortunate thing is that I know a great number of wonderful Christians whose overbearing faith is actually more a detriment to their cause of spreading Christianity. Over time, the result has been that my desire to discover more about the mysteries of mainstream religion have been replaced by caution for the pressurising and often frightening Christian desire to convert.

Apart from the question of whether the guy is a troll, and whether he is really that semiliterate or has prepared an online persona that presents that way, isn't the etymological sideline to the debate immaterial?

Smart used to be an insult.

Gay until recently only referred to a happy personality.

Pagan had different connotations in classical Latin...though I doubt it applied to Christians, since it usually referred to unreconstructed barbarians outside the gates of the coloniae, who kept to their original religious form rather than adopting Romanized customs.

But isn't that irrelevant to the issue under debate?

I succumbed to troll bait. *sigh* Been a while. :)

I posted about this.

And its not like the guy was responding to other points either.

Why are u pegans trying to take away religus freedum?

U shoud go to a revival weather u want to or knot.

On the other hand, I read half a dozen other debates on the community...none were exactly up to Philodemic Society standards (g).

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