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I've been outed!

Important note: This post will only be for friends. I can not risk it being seen by LJ in general and will make sense when you look at it. Please note...Information in this post may go bye-bye when the legal types have it pulled down....

For now however some neat stuff if you get the chance to look:

The think secret web site has been leaked information about the upcoming Norton Utilities for Mac OS X.

The article is here.

The article says that two of the Apps have been rewritten from scratch in Cocoa. As a developer who's recently had to learn Cocoa by rewriting an App from scratch I can tell you that whoever that was had his work cut out for him!

The app that they show that they say was written from scratch is FileSaver.

A note: There are no API's in Cocoa to make a table header have 2 lines of text. Whoever came up with it really cheated. ;)

Personally, I'm kinda proud seeing this stuff out here :)