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I love dating an artist who's a brain :)

In an IM chat I was talking to jnanacandra and w3woody about distractions. I made the comment:

...the problem is that my mind and my fingers both work exceeding fast and sometimes they work on separate processes. I often think I have a dual CPU chip in their somewhere

Every now and then I forget that Heather left the software industry to pursue art, she responded:

you're talking to the person who runs in massive parallel with very leaky thread control. (I) certainly understand ;)

The only response I could come up with was:

I love it when you talk jargon. ;)

To which Bill had to respond, '... geez, get a room guys ...' and I'll omit his second comment. ;)

I see Heather and I as some warped extension of Gomez and Morticia, "Heather, that's Jargon..." And kissing up her arm.

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