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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Trivia: Day three of four

Here are the picts again

David Jason
Guessed by llary
20 points

Terry Scott
Guessed by speiche
20 points

Comments so far:
Well, the actors have been identified. I don't think it'll take a great amount of time to put them together. :)

Here's some of the wrong guesses that have come in:
Morcombe & Wise - (I have to admit I have no clue who they are...)
Monty Python based
Finnian's rainbow
Same guy, different times.

Okay... Last chance...

Poll #135271 Take the challenge!!!

When they worked together, what was the major result

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I can't help but feel guilty that those are points earned just for being British. Kudos for your quiz material! (And you've never seen Morcome & Wise? Quite mad but with a stiff upper lip - you've never lived!)

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