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Friendster, reloaded

Well, I've been playing with for a few days. Kind of neat. to join (I am listed as "Andrei Tapolow")

I've managed to find about 15 people in the first few days that I know personally (This mean, interacted them outside the net)

One of the interesting features of the site is the testimonial. This is basically where you can write a blurb about someone on your list. That person then gets approval or refusal rites. If they accept it, it shows up on their profile. I got a really nice comment from a coworker. Very surprised and touched in that warm'n'fuzzy kinda way.

So, to those of you already on friendster on my list. Take a look at some of the options... Play with it and see what you think

For those of you on friendster who know me in person (and don't despise me ;) feel free to send an add request

The rest of you.. give the thing a spin. I've received 0 spam as a result.. so far. (YMMV)

Have at it :)

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