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Cribbed from a posting by shaktiqueen and prizmdonna

10 years ago, I was

1. LOCATION: The bottom floor of a block busted house in Shadyside on a street called Fair Oaks. (The first time)

2. SEX: My first exposure to poly. It was a sine wave. No one really knew what poly was but we were all supposedly doing it... wrong.

3. RELATIONSHIPS: Living with R and H, and A. R was a primary, had 2 on again off again secondaries. H was a secondary, had her own R as a primary. Things were getting messy and R was on the way of replacing me...

4. APPEARANCE: I was 141 pounds. beginning to have receding hairline and the beard was full. Glasses. I was a geek's geek without the cool.

5. LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Movies, SCA, work. No really a lot to remember.

6. PETS: Ugh, that was the outbreak of Pie the all-mother and MacDermot the endless Tom. It was a damned good thing the other two were fixed. 10 years ago was the first litter (2) of Pie while Milo and Harpo looked on.

7. FOOD: Was just learning about sushi. Always been a slave to chinese. Hosted my first Thanksgiving.

8. CREATIVITY: Theatre had abandoned me. Several bad experiences. Showboat, No job in Louisiana, bad community group. Was auditioning for local community in Pgh... Would eventually wind up in "The Foreigner"

9. SOCIAL: Some SCA, was on the verge of a social elevation but had a few friends from SCA.

10. MONEY: 2 years in to my master plan of 10 years to massive wealth. I was getting minimum wage as a temp doing overnights at a bank. Woo... :-p

I really didn't like the 90s

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