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Trivia Question: Hints and attempt #2 to guess

Yesterday, I put up two pictures and asked, "What are these two men known for"

No one was able to get the direct answer yesterday. But I will give their responses, some points, and with that some hints:

persimmon: Comedic acting -> Yes and in respect to the answer 10 points.
elnigma: Absolutely -> In respect to the answer 10 points.

Wrong answers so far:
They played The Doctor from Dr. Who - Nope, but a good guess

So, here's today's hint:
Yes, they are English Comedic Actors. What I'm looking for is the specific of how they worked together. The fact that were English was probably insignificant to the producers but it was definitely one of the most endearing aspects of the project.

Even if you've guessed, you can guess again:
(I've made more room in the poll box)
Poll #134872 What is it about these two guys? Day 2 of 4

Guess #2


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