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Andrei in the office


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Oh the pain

I just saw an uproarious commercial and not for the reason that most people will think.

There is a commercial for Toys R Us where they have put the giraffe on a ramp on a bicycle. He is going to jump a row of bicycles. Quoth the two employees:
"I didn't know Giraffes can ride bicycles...."
"They can't"

The comedy was very predictable. But I was gone from the first moment.
On the bottom of the screen at the beginning of the commercial was small white text:

Stunt Giraffe on a closed course. Do not attempt

The concept of stunt giraffe still has me snickering.

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That's cute. I remember seeing that commercial, but I don't recall the disclaimer.

..um, am i on your friends list?



I love that commercial. I'm still not sure why but everytime I see it I laugh. Teehee..

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