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Enslin Torso

Spontaneous attack of devout


Every now and then I have an attack of. "Yeah, I need to do that." Since priesting my first Mass I have been very hooked into the Mass and need to do more. One of the 'not so local' lodges (Serpentine Splendour) is performing the mass today at 3pm. I decided before rehearsal for an upcoming rite last night that I was going to attend if I could.

Note: this lodge is based in Las Vegas.

I called the voicemail number and asked if they would mind a brother from L.A. coming out. Fortunately, their lodge master has been at my mass and was more than thrilled to hear that I wanted to come out.

He offered to put me up when I got in. I was surprised because I told him I was going to leave after rehearsal and likely to get in between 3 and 4 am. No problem says he. And such it would be.

I left rehearsal last night at Blue Horizon's main meeting place. The car and bag already packed for a weekend. Mapsonus in hand (I think I am the only person who likes that sites directions) I hopped on the hiway.

I have been pre-screened for apnea; which explains why it is so easy for me to fall asleep in the car. I also know how to wire myself on caffiene.

Chatting with heather by IM at stops along the first leg. Blaring I tunes the rest of the way. I made it in at 3:45 and was greeted by a tired but friendly lodgemaster.

I went in the guest room and my heart was still racing from the caffiene. I left an IM for Heather to let her know I was in safely. I chatted briefly with the author of Xjournal for the mac (I am an advance tester, see the communtiy of the same name)

Then I ran thru resh, the ruby, and the mass in my head. Sadly... I wake up at 6am during the week. So now I am trying to ply myself back to sleep for a few hrs before mass.

I am still very wired. I will sleep like the dead tonight.

I do promise to post pictures and comments from my mass this weekend. I have just been waiting for it to sink in.

More soon,

93, 93/93

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Mapsonus in hand (I think I am the only person who likes that sites directions)

nope, I like them as well :) They generally seem to be more accurate than mapquest or anything else I've tried.

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