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Andrei in the office


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Why dumb people shouldn't breed (An AIM Conversation)

People, let's say it together again. Lock your screen, or log off. Leaving yourself logged in openly at the office is a bad thing, because any idiot can use your system

This one came in from someone on my friends list that I don't talk to very often. It turned out to not be them...

Them... Me...

Not much, you?

chillen at work
So, what's work for you?
nothing just seating hear
Sounds like a blast ZZZzzzzz
this is male name i work her with Mis-spells name
corrects spelling
Ah, so this isn't actually Buddy name
it isnt

Bad karma to use someone else's login. You should use your own
i dont have one im never on this thing
ur hot
i want you

Even more reason not to use someone else's acct


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When I want to go on a spree, wiping out stupid people wherever I go, suddenly I'm the bad guy...

OY vey.

Hope you are doing better dear :)

talk to ya laters.... 93s

hi, were's Waldo?

damn it. if you are going to be obnoxious, be REALLY good at it. people should learn this. darn them.

LOL people are stupid. Tiamat

Just be glad you all don't work with him. Honestly, he's worse in person.

I was about 5 feet away when all of this occurred...so I was prepared for damage control...I just didn't realize how bad the damage was. #v.v# My apologies. I'll see that he doesn't get to do this again.

Don't worry about it all. We have all had someone jump an account before. No harm done. :)

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