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iTunes Store... 2 weeks later

So, I decided to list artists, songs, etc that I have and haven't found on the new Mac iTunes Store:

Warning: I was a professional DJ in the 80's at a top 40 station. I can find popular and obscure. I was also college roommates with a real underground, alternative type. Some day, I will reproduce the play list for the radio show where we faced off oldies vs. 80's alternative. ;)

That being said:

Metallica Which I just find jovially ironic<.I>
Madonna - Nothing
Yes - 90125
Dead Can Dance
Alice Cooper - nothing before 1991
Jim Croce - nothing
Baltimora (Tarzan Boy)
George Carlin
Robin Williams
Queen - Nothing
Crowded House - Don't Dream it's over
Herbie Hancock - Rockit
Cyndi Lauper
Experiment IV
Propaganda - Duel
Propaganda - P-Machinery
The Doors
The Beatles
The Monkees
Tim Curry
Jim Steinman (Solo)
Art of Noise
Mannheim SteamRoller
Fifth Dimension
Weird Al
The Vapors
Tommy James and the Shonells
Tiffany No great loss
House Martins
The Cars
The Knack (My Sharona)
Men Without Hats (Safety Dance)
Men At Work
Huey Lewis - If this is It / I want a new drug

Bananarama (only one song found)
Crowded House - 2 cuts off of C.H. 1 cut off of Woodface.
George Micheal - 6 cuts off of a 98 compilation
Van Halen - 4 and 2/2 albums
The Smiths (2 songs)

Police - Other Way of Stopping
Cyrcle - Turn Down Day
Shonen Knife
Split Enz - True Colous and History Never Repeats
Time after Time - Hooters (Cyndi Lauper's original group)
Propaganda - Machined - GOOD Remix
John Fogerty - Vanz Kant Danz
Neverending Story (Remix) - Limahl & Kjagoogoo

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