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Andrei in the office


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Janu-wow-ry; A digression

As if I'm not busy enough working on 5-10 things. Code issues at the office, major journal composition in slow progress...And now January has just surprised me:

The office has elected me to attend MacWorld in January to represent our product from the developmental side. this is like a mondo honour. granted, they are doing it because in all likelihood, I will be the least busy at that point.

Also, someone that I am seeing has been approved to take some time out and come to L.A. for a week in January. The day after I get back from MWSF.

Maybe 2002 is more my year. 2001 was a bit strained.

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Oh, no, it's so terrible to *have* to go to MacWorld :-)

Have fun at MacWorld and have fun seeing A (no, not that A - or the other A - it's yet another A).

Good luck, dude. Hope you're right.

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