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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

The Net History Meme

Cribbed from a post by fraterrisus and one by cellio

The Net History Meme
1. When did you first connect ("go online"), and how?
1979, Apple ][ with a 110/300 baud modem to a local BBS

2. What was your first communications program?
I think it was called xmodem, but I also remember writing Hayes connector code by hand in shudder Basic

3. When did you first chat over the internet, and how?
1984, Playing with a mainframe chat system at Steven's Institute for Technology on an accelerated Math program

4. What chat type program(s) do you use now?
IRC on rare occasion, AIM, sometimes Yahoo. If I have to I'll use MSN. I gave up on ICQ. (I miss Aviv, Liraz and David) ;)

5. Who was your first service provider?

6. Did you ever use AOL?
Yes and...

7. Do you admit using AOL in public?
Yes... It's prodigy that you people should be ashamed of.

8. Who is your current ISP?
Adelphia Powerlink

9. What was the first computer that you used to access the 'net?
Apple ][ (10Hz G1) 64K, 300Baud

10. What computer do you use to access the 'net today?
Apple Dual 1Ghz G4 Power Macintosh 1Gig, 786Mbit DSL

11. What was your first 'net handle?
sigh The Doctor. And if you have any old Apple software labeled, "Cracked by The Doctor" I am not admitting to anything.
More entertaingly, though I can't remember the specifics, my CompuServe id was: ####,### (note, 4 comma 3; not 5 comma 4; I was a beta tester)

12. Did you use any other handles for any length of time? If so, what were they?
IRC: Traveller, Windrider (this had nothing to do with X-Men), Wind-93 (this had nothing to do with Windows), lordandrei
Usernames: gtapolow, gt42, gatst2

13. What 'net handle do you normally use now?
lordandrei, this is a no brainer.

14. Are you active on any websites other than LJ?
Adding to? No. Not a lot of time.
Reading: Sluggy, Userfriendly, MacNN, etc...