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Because I am a Bastard who doesn't have an NDA

Apple Jacks has a new promotion. Apparently, after the "dread failure" of putting 'red apples' into apple jacks. The cereal that tastes nothing like it looks like has put up a mock election for you the public to choose the next incongruous shape to be added.

Mock election? How could I say such horrible things about the beauty that is democracy.

Well, having just waled past the rather elaborate commercial being filmed with the kid caucus celebrating the triumph of Blue Carrot. That's right. You people who were hoping for Brown Banana or Orange Discs (Disc: One of my favourite fruits or vegetables), give it up. It's fixed. The commercials are already in production and ...

Does anyone actually still buy into any of this stuff?

In the wizened words of my good friend, colleague, and fellow member of my church and order, "Hand-wave, hand-wave, hand-wave."

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