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Andrei Freeman

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My day....

  1. $30 oil job will be $200 tune up
  2. Two new bugs in my software
  3. Made dental appt for tooth that shattered at work Monday from dead licorice
  4. The Funeral Home Harassed me and threatened a bogus lawsuit
  5. One of my mass children got their schedule wrong and cancelled from my mass
  6. Talked to the other friend who the Funeral Home is trying to threaten, they are the cool calm voice of reason
  7. The $200 tune up just acquired $125 in extra repairs that were forced onto me.
  8. Close and dear friend helps me confront car repair folk, comments in front of them that I should call Bureau of Automotive Repair
  9. Mechanic 'Puckers' (See coupling)
  10. Owner calls to tell me that $125 in extra repair and labour will be waved
  11. Manager is understanding of the continuing drama in my life that I don't make.
  12. Heather will be here in 25 hrs and 40 minutes

With the exception of Heather's arrival being closer... can I have a do over. This wasn't a fun day.

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