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Flame ON

That is it. I am furious.

It's hard enough cleaning up your own life, but when someone pulls, 'Next of Kin' that's when the kid gloves come off.

I have gone out of my way in the last two years not to commit to something I can't see thru. I have gone out of my way not to give the impression of making a promise that I may not be able to fulfill.

This being said,

Today I received a phone call from the funeral home that dealt with my father. Apparently, as they are unable to find my errant 'sister' they have decided to level suit against anyone's name on the paperwork associated with my father's funeral. Let me state for the record that there is one and only one person who is responsible for this debt. And neither me nor any friends who aided me in dealing with this rather difficult time in my life will be held responsible.

I am livid. When I was told that I needed to sign to acquiesce to the cremation of my father, I specifically asked the funeral home if this made me financially liable for the event. I was told, "No." There was no wiggle room on this. I wanted a yes or no. Because I told them, I could not sign if the signature meant financial liability. My sister had committed to and agreed to a fairly expensive funeral for my father. I told her that I could not agree to that kind of money and she told me that there was money available from benefits to cover it.

That being said, the entire song and dance I received from my 'sister' in August was as a result of her lying about it. When I tried to reach her before her "Hospital kidnapping incident" she blew a gasket at me, "I am not like Mom and Dad, I pay bills. It's all paid for." And the next thing to know she is sending me this bullshit story about how her mother has kidnapped her in a helpless state and is keeping her in ICU. For the whole song and dance read this and then posts from August 18, 2002, forward.

Now what really pisses me off was that I told the funeral company that if I had info I'd send it to them. Since then I have received one message from my sister that says that I set people after her because I couldn't take the time to pay for my father's funeral and it should have been me anyways.

So. That being said, be careful what you wish for.

If you know the location, the phone number, the contact information for Diane Tapolow. Her lj id is 'retrodee'. Please contact Schugar Funeral Homes at 412-621-8283. Please tell them you are providing the information for the benefit of the account of Harvey Tapolow. Please tell them that you heard about this because Dr. Tapolow's surviving son is performing the last act that he can think of to aid them in finding the person who agreed to their bill.

I didn't want to do this. I wanted to simply let it go. I am tired of people deciding we can get money out of Andrei, therefore we will play loopholes in the law to bleed to f***ker dry.

This last part is my angry rant. It's probably far unnecessary but it's gonna come out. If you don't like it... don't read it. If you know me. You know what is bluster and what isn't. If you think I'm talking about you in particular and you don't think it's bluster... Maybe you ought to take it to heart.

Get this world. I am trying to fix my life. Trying to be a better person. And, I think I'm doing a pretty damned good job of it. Well, I have been dicked with for the last time. I am tired of nice. I am tired of the doormat upbringing I was trained with.

I am not anyone's doormat anymore. Fuck with me. And I'm coming for you. If I fucked up in the past, I will find the way to fix it if I can and should. If not... Back off.

Get it my way, stop me from where my life should take me, see if you can get a pound of flesh out of retribution... And I will destroy you. Try to hurt me for amusement, and you haven't begun to see suffering. I don't feel like I need to play nice anymore. I don't need to appease because it's politically correct. I am not politically correct. I am just trying to be a good person. So stop fucking with me. Because I'm not taking the shit anymore.

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