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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

My Saturday

Yesterday was a mostly constructive day.

I watched a few cartoons in the morning. (Rather than getting glued to the Tele for the entire day) I went to a hardware store where I picked up a few tools for the house. (replaced the cheap plastic level that was lost). I also dropped off some equipment for repair and went food shopping.

While I was food shopping I decided I wanted some flowers for the growing number of vases I have. I often get flowers after mass. But they don't survive very well. So, I bought a pair of cheap sets over at the grocery and some baby's breath and some other garnish and mixed and matched to make my own arrangement.

I have absolutely no idea why I felt compelled to arrange flowers. And for the record, I only have one Streisand film in my collection.

80 Hrs... until Heather arrives.

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Generally speaking, the baby's breath and misc foliage needs to be at a slightly lower level than the large flowers. Trim the stems if this can't be done normally; all stems should always be cut diagonally to allow more surface area and thus more hydration. Ideally the foliage is the lowest and on the outer ring, followed by the baby's breath. Both should be arranged in clusters, so that they don't form a veil that obscures the larger flowers. (That's just what I've observed florists do; this is an art not a science so ignore me and them freely.)

If you're wondering, I do lots of flower offerings-- and the recipients are often very picky... as would suit the personality of such beings that would want flower offerings in the first place.

In any case, good luck!

I'm curious to know, when you are frivolous enough to watch cartoons, which ones you like best.

Beauteous :)

Nothing wrong with arranging flowers.. Why are men so worried about looking gay?

I keep hoping people will think I am ;)

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