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Something beyond in(s)ane: Minion of Satan?!?!?

Shout out, for starters, to old occult friend bkwyrm who I once again missed on her visit to L.A. Such is my misfortune when pushing myself a bit to busy in the order.

But mass is soon.

That having been said, this came about as a result of a recent post by bkwyrm

Well, it would seem the Satanic Hampster Dance is making the rounds again. But this time I have a new wrinkle. I went to the page again for old time amusement and noticed that only 4 of the little buggers were actually in gnostic dervish of bardic invocation. (Dancing for the probationers out there ;) )

Actually it was weird, it was the 4 at the bottom of the page. Until I scrolled up.. Then it was the 4 at the top of the page.

Then it hit me...

Safari.. the latest and greatest web browser from Apple. The best thing since sliced bread. (Which has always given me cause to wonder what was the best thing before sliced bread)

It's a bug in Safari!

Now, Safari has this really incredible and awesome feature.

With this function, you can actually send the application developers a screen shot and the source of any web page. This way the application developers can figure out why a page doesn't render correctly on their app.

So... the burning question... Do I submit The Satanic Dancing Hapster Page to Apple as a page that isn't rendering properly?



Of course, I did.

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