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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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And low as my maturity and grey hair count increases...

I face the upcoming sun-sun conjunction in my life once again.

Somewhere around 1:50 p.m. The sun shall return to the same place in the heavens that it was an increasingly, ungodly, number of years ago. This happens pretty much like clockwork every year.

The people who are really into astrology like to write this grand event as:

For those that wish to here simpler terms and wish me to stop being so stuffy and full of my self.

Today. is my birthday. In my religion it could be considered a holiday. (Personally, I think a person should celebrate the day that life was breathed into him {or her})

I looked through journals and want to thank the following people for advance public well wishes:
fiannaharpar who makes a grandly welcome return to my journal, sent nice wishes.
elnigma who I haven't seen in FAR too long, also posted in her journal.

On a down side, I have also received the following b'day wishes:
  • Joe at WinDough prizes
  • 97.1 KLSX the home of Tom Leykis (*2)
  • Birthday Alarm.com
  • Alumni.net
  • Myfamily.com
  • Lycos.com

A couple of quick facts for those who are curious:
  • Today my age is 2316, 438, and most entertainingly 1035
  • Since my last birthday, I have markedly less hair on my head, I have retired the fuzzy yomika
  • Today, I learned my "Rock Solid Ghetto Shiznit Name" is Ass Machine Teapot, yo
  • Since last year I have become an ordained deacon in a religion recognized by the U.S. Government. Yes, I'm not just clergy; I'm active, practicing clergy.
  • I will be spending my day off with my two favourite women: jnanacandra and schnookiemuffin

And most importantly as I reflect on 35 years that have past (because you 1st birthday is at the end of your first year of life) as I look back on the things I've done, the people I've loved, the people I've hated.... The good I've done... the mistakes I've done. The people who love me the people who fell betrayed by me and no longer have a good thought for me..... my accomplishments... my failures...

As I look back and look forwards...

I am happy. I am glad to be alive. I am proud to be who I am... And who I keep becoming.

Love to all, on this happy occasion.

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(Deleted comment)
well it will be filled with one Joy that will be cooking birthday dinner tonight. :)

I will be spending my day off with my two favourite women: shimmeringjemmy and schnookiemuffin

Hey.... What am I chopped liver? :-P Anyways.. Happy Birthday~ Wish I could celebrate with yah! Enjoy your Lesser Feast today!

i agree with you.....!!!!

Happy birthday! Hope all of your birthday wishes come true!

93 Bro,

I hope you have a great birthday and here's to both of us growing this year and enjoying it.

93, 93/93,


Happy Bday Homie!!!! Hope you have a gr8 one!!!

Happy Birthday! The day one first breathed air is indeed a day to celebrate--without it there would have been no other days.

Have a beautiful and wonderful Birthday.

To Quote Ian Anderson:

You're never to old to rock 'n roll if you're too young to die.

Happy Birthday, man!

Happy Berfday! I'd send you a card or something, but I think that Seattle itself has sent you a big enough present in the form of jnanacandra. ;)

An Aries, eh? Happy belated birthday :)

Happy birthday. See you in 5 months.

hope you're having a good one ....

Happy Birthday Andrei!

Hope you have a wonderful day. =)

"lo" not "low" ;)

Happy birthday - you have the best present of all, happiness. Don't lose it!

Happy belated birthday! This is what happens when I ignor^H^H^H forget LJ for a few days. :(

Hope it was a great day & many wishes for a better year ahead! :)

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