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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Birthday wishes Aries to Aries

To my l'il brother:


Happy Birthday!

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Ray says "thank you", he hasn't been on LJ for quite a while (it's blocked where he's working). You might want to contact him to congratulate him on his daughter. If you want his cellphone, either contact me via AIM or at my work email address (the one at psc) and i'll pass it along. He's typically available in the evenings, except for Tuesdays, when he's teaching private lessons.

Pictures of them are here.

Happy to see that all is well with you, seems like you're moving forward and this is A Good Thing, and just what you needed to do. I had de-friended you while you were on massive hiatus (I cull my friends list from time to time), and when I noticed that you were regularly posting again re-friended you. Since you didn't reply in kind, i'm guessing that it's all the response that I needed. Please keep in touch with Ray, it means a lot to him.

Much love,


Re: passing this along

Hi Jenn.

Actually didn't have any clue about the culling. I can understand that. There were about 10 people in Pgh who dropped me all at once. Wasn't sure what to think of it and just went on from there. The hiatus was because I had a short relationship with someone who pressured me away from LJ. She didn't like it or anyone assoicated with it. Fortunately, it only took two months to grow a backbone this time. Looked over the list today and noticed that you did refriend me. I didn't even notice it. I tend not to look at the 'friends list' very often anymore. Finally got into the self-centric "Journal" mode. Read if you will...

Glad to know you and Ray and Lake are all healthy and the like. I'll make sure you get added back on.

Good to hear from you.

Re: passing this along

Dude, talk to me next time. Really, I nuked Deena, Norm, Arch and some other folks at the same time because they never post. Not that I don't love them to pieces, I just didn't want to keep looking for them when there weren't going to be there.

Greg, really, I found out from Lainie *yesterday* that you took my defriending you personally, and since I hadn't heard from you directly I hadn't a clue. When I refriended you, you didn't do so in kind, so I figured that was that.

Granted, I could have done the same, but I didn't think that you wanted to talk to me. Nifty Catch-22 on that. Hard-headed much? (both of us)

Lots has been going on. We're happy and healthy and i'm liking being a mom. I'm really happy to hear that things are well with you and jnanacandra and you sound just wonderful (in the bits i've been able to read). Phone us up some time.

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