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Smallest, but most felt so far... 2.9

So, last night at about 9:45pm, a 2.9 Magnitude quake hit Encino.

Details are here.

While I've felt a 5. quake. I was far enough away that it felt more like a 2.0.. This was pretty much all 3. Encino is about 2.5 miles away. So I got to feel the full force. Now... mind you a 2.9 has about the force of sitting against a wall when someone slams the adjoining door really, REALLY hard. The wall rumbles abit.

The difference is... in a 2.9 quake. The whole room has that minor jarring feeling and no one is moving.
My initial reaction was to sit there and take note... I tensed a little in the event that that was the 'first' pre-shock...

That was it.
Fortunately, still no real 5s... Which I'm really not looking forwards to.

Such is SoCal...

more soon.

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