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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Smallest, but most felt so far... 2.9

So, last night at about 9:45pm, a 2.9 Magnitude quake hit Encino.

Details are here.

While I've felt a 5. quake. I was far enough away that it felt more like a 2.0.. This was pretty much all 3. Encino is about 2.5 miles away. So I got to feel the full force. Now... mind you a 2.9 has about the force of sitting against a wall when someone slams the adjoining door really, REALLY hard. The wall rumbles abit.

The difference is... in a 2.9 quake. The whole room has that minor jarring feeling and no one is moving.
My initial reaction was to sit there and take note... I tensed a little in the event that that was the 'first' pre-shock...

That was it.
Fortunately, still no real 5s... Which I'm really not looking forwards to.

Such is SoCal...

more soon.

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encouraging me to move here why???

I've lived in california all but two years since 1964. It wasn't until 1983 that I felt a 5 quake. A 5 is sort of fun, very little damage happens.

Building codes have been written with earthquakes in mind. The Loma Prieta quake in 1989 ( Northern Calif) and Northridge in 1994 or so (Southern Calif) being close to 7 on the Richter were 100 times more powerful than a 5. These were more destructive and deadly for a few people, but much less so than similarly sized quakes in other parts of the world, because of our construction standards. Also although the news reports of Loma Prieta focussed on the few neighborhoods with significant damage, most areas only had minor damages - all our books fell on the floor, the tv came unplugged, our power was back on in a few hours, our water was safe, our telephones were slow to respond for a week or so, but the ones at work responded fine.

I was at work in a chemistry lab when it happened, and none of the chemicals spilled or broke, just the covers fell off the ceiling sprinklers and I got a bruise on my leg bumping into a counter trying to walk around while it was happening. All the geologists I worked with were very excited and having fun trying to guess how big it was and where the epicenter was.

Earthquakes, are I think, much less scary than tornados or hurricanes, and much less frequent.

and you wonder why i don't want to look for a job out there....

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