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Equinox, Blue Horizon style..

Tonight was my local body's equinox ritual. I'd be lying if I said this isn't my favourite time of the year. The days are beginning to edge past the nights. There are more breezes (as opposed to face biting winds), there are more days that are very clear, and of course... Well, we walk into the Sun Sign of Aries... which I tend to have some experience with.

Andrei has a little bit o' Aries

So tonight we invoked Pan and Aries, and had a nice time of it. This was an interesting elaboration of the local L.A. OTO equinox ritual. Typically it's elemental officers with spirit... sometimes we add in the OTO god forms :Therion, Babalon, Nuit, Hadit, Ra-Hoor-Khuit...

But the new master of BH is a Yoga guru. So she added to the elemental officers 3 Gunas. Tammas, Rajas, and Sattvas. (Forgive my spelling). This can be read about more in the Bhagvagita. (Again, my Hindu spelling leaves something to be desired)

I was the Rajas Guna. This symbolizes action and has an alchemical equivalence to sulfur.

As for others around LJ
It was quite the full house: -.E.-. was Sattvas Guna. I omit hir name on the basis that sie keeps post of hir ritual behavior protected and this is a public post. shaska represented the Fire element (and as she has Aries to nearly rival mine, she rocked), burningblue (who I just don't get to see enough of) was a potent Earth elemental. Also good to see loads of family there (which I'll attempt to catch as many as I can...: heruraha, leroy484, nitemarehipigrl, robynne and that may be the extent of present lj-ers.

Kudos to our Body Master/Spirit elemental. She invoked the full power of Aries. She called upon rebirth, and spring and the bringing forth of lust and new love. And upon finishing her invocation in the outdoor temple; a cat wandering nearby went immediately and loudly into heat. C.P. and I immediately found ourselves fighting off an invocation of the 'giggle loop'

One of the other interesting twists was a tarot oracle. With the 3 gunas circumambulating widdershins and the elements going deosil; each time two officers passed they would randomly select 1 tarot card from a pile they'd each been given (a Thoth deck was divvied up Fool, Gunas got trumps 3 * 7,elements got their suit 4 * 14) and exchange it with the person they passed. the cards were collected and each person attending the rite selected one randomly.

For any who wish to jump on the analysis bandwagon... My tarot oracle for the light semester is the "Universe" card from the Thoth deck. Ah, yes. Something light and easy to interpret.

All in all, a good evening. I got there early to help set up and partially because I needed to miss last night's rehearsal to make a code deadline for work. I spent some of the time ironing my robe in the famed BH Blue Room (ah... memories). And spent most of the pre-rehearsal and post-rehearsal IM'ing with jnanacandra who I am still missing a lot. Though I will be seeing her again in (checks calendar) 10 days, 16 hrs. (Yes folks, he can be that, happy)

My oracle gives me promise that I am on the right road. I have been feeling good about myself and feeling better all the time about the decisions I am making and the direction I am traveling.

I'm liking 2003 a lot more than 2002.

93, 93/93

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