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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Society does it again

The latest in the department of Sex Sells comes from Russia with a group called: T.A.T.U.

'tatu' is Russian slang for "This girl (loves) that girl"

Apparently, the rest of the world is none to eager for a pop sensation that is represented by underage, lesbianistic behavior:

CNN has the full story (with links)

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the edition of Rolling Stone that just appeared in my mailbox yesterday (no guarantees it's the latest) has a small clip in one section showing these two on American MTV (TRL, i think) wearing matching babydoll t-shirts that say "Fuck War" in Russian. gotta love it. :)

Excuse me? None too eager? They are topping the charts EVERYWHERE! What's not to like about teenage schoolgirl lesbian singers in a cage? I only wish I'd thought of it first...

Their music is actually pretty good. I'm getting the CD next week, I hope. :)

t.A.T.u. has been around for a while now...America is just now noticing them.

Isn't that the way things always are?

Unfortunately that's the way it usually is. =\

Ameria catches up on pop-culture

Yes, if we don't generate it, we tend not to popularize it until someone in the country figures out how to make money out of it. Thus my enjoyment of foreign media sources :)

I saw them on Leno.. They started making out and the camera guy panned to the guitarist and stayed there till they decided to come up for air ;).. Just seems like a publicity thing to me.. The entire video.. Girls in school girl uniforms.. in the rain.. and making out.. hmmm.. subtle.

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