Andrei Freeman (lordandrei) wrote,
Andrei Freeman

Seattle, Day 1 Recap

The flight to Seattle was nice. At least as nice as Southwest Cattle Car airlines gets

Heather met me at the Airport and we took a cab back to her flat. Yes, I will evetually make myself English through careful coulouration of language

After unwinding at her place we made our way via bus to the downtown and then onto Capitol Hill. We stopped at a Hollywood Burger Joint. Yes, all the way from L.A. to Seattle to choose between the Santa Monica special and the Sunset Strip flame broiled. The place was interesting, though. You get served your burger in a bag of popcorn. It's a large popcorn bag filled about 1/3 up with (really s*$^ty) popcorn. The burger (which I got with canadian bacon and mushrooms) was really good. The fries were great. Did I mention that the popcorn was really (sh**ty) for the birds.

We also went to a gothy clothing store, a 'toy' store, a really great occult shop, a gay/lesbian bookshop (divided right down the centre, of course) and an Indian Tea Shop...

The Travelers Tea shop was an accidental find. It was about half way between an occult shop and a Walmart for Hindu tastes. Lots of really cool art, clothes, and most importantly tea. Suffice it to say, I spent the entire time in their lusting after their tea selections (and they mail order) and contemplating how much the Blue Horizon Officers and Ordained Priest would have gone nuts in there.

Well, day 2 is about to begin.. So more soon.

*waves from the home of Grunge and Starbucks*

Side note: I think the redmond effect is hitting me. I'm doing this entry on a PC and not feeling all gross and icky like :)

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