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Purification at 50% (Give or take)

So, now that I'm not itching to bite people's heads off. Either physically or personally, here's more on the process and some comments along the way.

The % I've been posting is the amount of time of the 2 days that the purification should take. I commenced at 1pm yesterday. We're approaching 24 hrs out of 48. So about 50%.

The purification I've been discussing with Bill (w3woody.) My idea was to get as much of the toxins out of the system. I elected to use the "Hollywood 48 Hr Diet" Now, I made a slight error. This is not a protien suppliment drink. This is a carb suppliment drink. Translation, one sip would probably kill anyone on Atkins. It's 100 calories per serving; 0 protein; and about 25% carbs.

I'm not using this to diet, I'm using this to cause the body to go into a minor state of shock that it's time to clean up and get ready for the real stuff. Bill suggests that the purification should be including the cleaning of influences around me. Perhaps removing bad food from the house. I like this and will be doing it today.

I spoke to Fra K.A. last night about my plan. He seemed to like the idea of applying ritual to diet. I asked what happens when the wee-beasties attack during the purification. He said, perhaps that's why it's meant to be short. But this experience alone gives me yet another way to look at ritual and what goes on during the components.

Perhaps, now for the honesty. I went to Yoga last night... I wound up leaving half way thru because I was losing focus. And the food offered was making me very uncomfortable. I went home. I tried to rest. But was too shaky. I watched Buffy. I made one or two cursory passes by the fridge but behaved myself. I watched 24. I was kinda trance like. My body was on its own. I passed the fridge 4 more times. There were some plain buffalo wings from Dominos. I ate about 5. My weakness. Went to bed feeling sick. Woke up. Back on again. Not giving up depsite that. I look to it that my body absolutely needed protein. It was a small (less than my goal diet sized) serving of good protein. So, I don't feel that I've undone the main purpose.

The concecration comes next. That is the dedication of the tools and purposes. I'll be finding my diet guides and shopping for food for the diet. Also getting the necessary stuff together to work in a gym.

So far this has been quite an ordeal, but sayeth the Bill, "Besides if there is nothing but pain and death...think Saturn will go well..."

I'm also preparing for the invocation and evocation. Which will be at noon time tomorrow. I'm looking for suggestions of God forms that represent control and discipline. And I'm looking for forms that represent doubts and failings. This will be an invocation and evocation.

I'll also be using Thoth for Invocation. Paritally, because there is knowledge and Magick in him. Partially, because I'm still riding this Jazzed Wave off the invocation, and partially, because the statue looks good without a shirt ;)

The Oath is the declaration of my intent. I will be working on that later today. It will be the statement of goals and plan for the diet.

Finally the license to depart (a feast) and a banishing.

I may wind up inviting some close friends to dinner tomorrow.

Spirits are higher. So is hunger... Will be weighing in tomorrow morning again.

(P.S. I posted on 93 the other night, but the post vanished. I'll repost today)

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