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Purification of Body 3%

First off, as I was asked in AIM... Why the desire to lose weight by Saturn...

Well, in all honesty, I'm planning on wearing leather pants for the character I'm portraying. Now, if anyone reacted badly to that comment... That's why I'm hoping to lose weight.

I've tried this method of introducing myself to a diet once before (the protein drink). Last time without ritual. I guess the ritual and the head space should be making it easier. Sadly, I'd forgotten the psychological reactions that kick in anyways.

So, first off, I'm grumpy. I don't have a lot of patience today. I'm doing my best not to snap at people. This is coupled with an attack of the self-image demon. That's part of the evocation that is part of tomorrow and Thursday's working. So today's going to be the worst.

Part of me wants to go thru my LJ list and IM Buddy lists and basically drop anyone who falls into the following categories:
People who don't carry on a conversation longer than 3-5 lines.
People that I have to institute conversations with 95+% of the time.
People who's journal I just don't read and never comment in mine.
People who bail shortly after I talk with them.

Again.. this is merely the 'wants' of someone grumpy starting a diet.

Cause when you start the's hard to care or like yourself. You're effectively torturing yourself a little. So the rest just seems worse.

Purification at 4.8% and counting.

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