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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Purification of Body 3%

First off, as I was asked in AIM... Why the desire to lose weight by Saturn...

Well, in all honesty, I'm planning on wearing leather pants for the character I'm portraying. Now, if anyone reacted badly to that comment... That's why I'm hoping to lose weight.

I've tried this method of introducing myself to a diet once before (the protein drink). Last time without ritual. I guess the ritual and the head space should be making it easier. Sadly, I'd forgotten the psychological reactions that kick in anyways.

So, first off, I'm grumpy. I don't have a lot of patience today. I'm doing my best not to snap at people. This is coupled with an attack of the self-image demon. That's part of the evocation that is part of tomorrow and Thursday's working. So today's going to be the worst.

Part of me wants to go thru my LJ list and IM Buddy lists and basically drop anyone who falls into the following categories:
People who don't carry on a conversation longer than 3-5 lines.
People that I have to institute conversations with 95+% of the time.
People who's journal I just don't read and never comment in mine.
People who bail shortly after I talk with them.

Again.. this is merely the 'wants' of someone grumpy starting a diet.

Cause when you start the diet...it's hard to care or like yourself. You're effectively torturing yourself a little. So the rest just seems worse.

Purification at 4.8% and counting.

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Good luck with the "D" thing!

I recently went through my AIM and did the same thing. Basically it was a "tired of seeing people who never initiated conversation with me, or if I talked to them it was very short or 'headed out, gotta go' conversation" thing.

Frankly I went from 60 or so AIM accounts, down to a few people that I actually care about talking to, or who actually write me.

You could always do this: Wipe your buddy list. If someone you know IMs you, then add them to your buddy list. That way you'll know who the people are who care enough to talk to you are.

OH yeah, I just get tired of constant door opening, door closing through-out the day by people who never say "boo" to me.


These are excellent suggestions. Though admittedly odd that they came in anonymously.

But thanks again.

Oops, I fall into a lot of those categories. Mostly because you seem to have the knack for IM'ing me just as I'm literally getting offline to run out the door. :)

Though, last round I was just plain not awake yet.

Nah, you often comment. I understand people get busy and all. It's more the enfuration of people who tend to get bitchy when you get tired of wondering if they are really still a friend, or just an acquaintance you used to be closer to. On the general chart, you'd be climbing the other way. You were more of an acquaintance who seems to be communicating more.

I never comment on mine either, bubba.

So what's your purification technique? If you already talked about and I missed it, sorry! Mea culpa. If not, I'd love to hear about it.

- donna

Congrats! I'm sure you'll be very successful at weight loss. So what prompted this new motivation? No more self image beast! *hands you the Mythic Self Image Beast Slayer* and I'm sure you'll look just fine in leather pants. Geesh, I mean ME in leather pants, now that's something to worry about. *grins* Take that as you will .

I think you would look great in leather pants.

People who's journal I just don't read and never comment in mine.

So why don't you? Really? I don't really like the idea behind "friends" lists that if they're your friend, you have to list them. I admit I've even fallen prey to that a few times. I finally narrowed it down to criteria that works for me: I have a default read list and an infrequent read list. I go to the LJ page of a person. If more 50% of more of their posts interest me, they go on the frequent read. If more than 20% of their posts interest me, they go on the infrequent. If I don't care to read, I don't list them. This leaves a bunch of really nice people off my friends list. Oh well. As my time constraints change or I spend more time away, my definition of "interesting" changes, and if it stays that way for a while, I'll edit my friends lists accordingly.

So, uh, what I meant to say was, if you don't have a reason to friend them, why do you?

"Why do you friend them..."

This is a really good quesiton. A lot of the people on my list were friended either back during on the, "Oh, look who else is on." People that I knee personally, or people I was getting to know... In the long run however, our lives drifted apart... or worse... fissures developed for one or more reason.

I still read on occassion, but am less likely to post on some. Some people, I'm pretty sure have detached entirely from mine. So the question is not why do I add them... the question is why don't I drop them...

Some, I still read ;)

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