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Weekend in Las Vegas

So, this weekend I went on a road trip to L.V. for a religious retreat with B & D. The purpose of the weekend primarily was that we had a trainer coming in from out of the region to talk about some of the technical things involved with our initiation processes.

B drove the SUV out to L.V. which was basically about a 5ish hr ride (w/a dinner stop). I was working on about 90 minutes of sleep from the day before. We got in to the Luxor very punch drunk and tired. Went up to our adjoining rooms and B&D were pretty much gone for the night.

I had a little cash on me that I specifically wanted to use in the casino with no purpose whatsoever beyond having fun with in the Casino. Win/lose was irrelevant. It was money I would have otherwise spent on toys/movies/ etc. It was budgetted fun money.

Having this mindset however made it impossible to lose money, I discovered. I basically hit slots and blackjack and found myself up about $700. This was a very weird feeling because I really wasn't trying to win or lose. I got tired and meandered my way to the room.

The PPV in the room had Disney's remake of "Tuck Everlasting" I however did not everlast more than about 1/3 to 1/2 the film and promptly fell asleep. It wasn't the film. I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it now. The original is a long time favourite, and surprisingly the remake wasn't the horror I was afraid of.

3hrs later it is 7:15. Quick clean up and off to get morning beverage and shampoo. When I stayed at the Luxor for New Years, I really fell for the conditioner and shampoo they offer in the rooms. Sadly however the giftshop was out. I got tea (of course), some krispy kreme donuts, and water. Then into the gift shop. No shapmoo. Aw. *shrug*

They however, had the thoth/tahuti statue that we used in the invocation last week. (Sometimes I hate it when the universe goes, "HEY LOOK, MAGICK!!!!!" The ibis headed god is now sitting on my mousepad staring at me.

Back up the elevator, check out. Knock on door. Off to training.

I'm not going to comment much on training as this is a really inappropriate forum for such material. I did learn a lot of very interesting things and it is definitely driving me forwards in my plans.

The trainer was in from Indiana and was incredibly cool. A.K. is a Bishop in the order and has some theories on Kaballah that blew my mind. I got the chance to talk with her after training. We went on a crawl of some of the local Adult Shops in Vegas where I got a really rocking leather vest. I really love vests and for some reason I'm getting more into leather (coats and vests) We also went out for some really good chinese.

On the way out after training we were all coordinating for mass that evening. Out in L.A. we do very full masses with an ordained clergy and baptised children. The L.V. group were planning to fly without Mass children. I offhandedly commented, "And me without a white (baptismal) robe" The priest said, "we have spares, you want to child?" And D and I agreed to child.

Mass was fun. Mass is always different whereever you go. But D & I have been very actively been doing mass in different roles for quite some time now, so we dropped in fairly naturally. And that black suade evening robe was just dahhhling.

All in all a good weekend. We drove home after mass. And I got in around 4am. I woke up to the phone at 2pm this afternoon. Wow!

So, I'm off to breakfast. More later!

93, 93/93!!!

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