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Blunt truth. Meme du jour

Well I posted about this earlier today to 'friends' only. I figured that way the people who wanted to be nasty could be filtered out until later.

So here's the rehash. Someone has put up a site that let's you vote anonymously about people. Say what you will, the target... Won't know it was you that cast the vote.

If you want to get in on this: the voting is now open to anyone

I've had 7 this afternoon from my 'friends' list make some opinions...

The good:
Nice eyes/face 7
Hair 6.5 (guess the fuzzy yamulka may have had a purpose ;)
Weight 7.7 (I thought it was more a 4)
Successful? 8.3
Music was 8.0 but only 2 people of 7 voted. awww
Flirt: 7.7
Horny: 8.6 (As you will)
charming 7.7
honest 7.7
humour 7.6
kissability 7.8 (Wow! thanks!)
religious: 8.3

The not so good:
Not to talkitive: 6.7
selfish: 6.0
conceited: 6.7
driving abilities: 6.0
good morals 6.0

The scary:
Wanna date me: 6.1
Am I sexy: 6.8

*lol* Well, at least I seem to be a nice guy... Kinda like your brother...

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