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It takes all types

There is currently a petitition to UPN to renew Buffy for an eighth season. The site that manages these petitions is Petition Online

I signed the petition and added the comment that I believe UPN should consider an 8th season or a spin off (as long as it's under Whedon's direction)

But that, dear brothers and sisters, is not why I post today.

I looked around to see what other petitions there are... And this one caught my eye:


Petition to: Cancel Buffy and Angel

To: Joss Whedon and the writers and producers of Mutant Enemy Productions and the Executives of the WB and UPN

Justification: Anyone who has watched “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or its spin-off “Angel” will tell you what a well written and well directed television show it is with very high production value and talented actors. However after the events of September, 11, America has been thrown into the realm of prophecy fore Jesus Christ, king of kings and son of God, will soon walk the Earth again. Because of this we ,who have created this petition, believe that "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and its spin-off "Angel" must be cancelled immediately or it will draw the wrath of Jesus upon us with the show’s endorsement of the use of magic and its philosophy of demon worship. From the very depths of our hearts and souls, we beg the staff of Mutant Enemy Productions and the WB and UPN networks to stop the show for the sake of posterity before our Lord scorches the land with plagues like the Land of Egypt.

Petition Sponsorship: The ... Petition ... was created by Church Congregations of America and written by removed by me.


It takes all types. I still wait for the day that Jesus walks the Earth and His first words (Spoken in red ink, of course) are, "You did what in my name?!?!"

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