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Okay. not a meme but....

In celebration of National Single Person Subjugation Day: (February 14th)

The LiveJournal Valentine System

Okay, the silly short form. You get three live journal members to write a little valentine's card to. But to spare the heartbreak and embarrassment of them laughing in your face... Your vict only get your message if they write you down as one of their three choices.

If you both picked each other... you get notified on V-Day (which I always thought sounded like a war movement)

So... Here's the short form. I decided to risk sanity and utter embarrassment. I have picked three LJ people from my list. Only these people will only know they were among my pick list if they opt to go there and pick me in their list. >:)

Now, if you pick me and don't get a response from me; it's not because I don't like you or don't wish you to get a funny note from me... it's that I wanted to pick three out of curiosity. Personally, I'm expecting mayyyyybe one of my three to come back ;)

So feel free to play. Pick whatever three people you will. If you picked me and it doesn't come back to you on NSPSD; feel free to write a comment and I'll be touched anyways and will probably blush alot and thank you alot ;)

It's a game. Don't read too much into it :)
Don't pick me just to see if Andrei is stalking you.

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